Important Items


1.  Overnight & Guest Parking:  Resident vehicles must be garaged overnight…  No overnight parking is allowed on driveways or streets… Contact Mike Roberson at [email protected] or 602-433-0331 to submit request for guest parking.

2.  Bulk Trash:  Landscape debris placed curbside no earlier than the week before City of Scottsdale scheduled pick-up;  Other items placed no earlier than the Saturday prior to pickup week.

3.  Trash & Recycle Cans:  Place curbside after 3pm the day preceding pick-up;  Remove from curb by 9am the day following pickup.

4.  Community Patrol:  Covers the entire community 7 days per week and on call to assist 13 hours each day, generally from 1pm to 2am… For assistance, call 602-359-0678.  Patrol can assist with suspicious looking activities, dead animal removal, poisonous reptile removal, etc.

5.  ALL Exterior Modifications:  Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Approval Required... Note:  Routine maintenance projects do not require ARC approval…  Direct all inquiries to Roger Tornow at 602-607-5090… Be aware:  Failure to comply with ARC requirements can result in fines.

6.  Roofs – Flat roofs are not permitted to be white in color.  All flat roof colors must be submitted and approved by the ARC.  All tile changes must also be submitted and approved prior to any changes taking effect.

7.  Short Term Rentals:  Minimal rental period of 6 months required… No daily, weekly or monthly rentals allowed.

8.  Mistletoe and Desert Broom:  Owner are responsible for removal of invasive plants… City of Scottsdale Guidelines.  For instructions on how to get rid of Mistletoe – Click Here!

9.  Hiking Troon Mountain:  No Trespassing is allowed on Troon Mountain… Troon Country Club is also a no trespassing zone, including dog walking.

10.  Community SafetySpeed Limits:  Obey all posted speed limits… Criminal Activity:  If noticed, call 911 for emergency; for non-emergency call City of Scottsdale Police Department at 480-312-5000… Dog owners:  Pick up after you pets.

11.  Latest News/Messages/Updates:  Check website or contact Mike Roberson at 602-433-0331 or [email protected].

12. Website w/aircraft noise information and input.